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Museums on similar topics (flour/food)

The PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes

Museum of Bread Culture, Ulm, formerly German Bread Museum

"Mühlerama" Mill Museum in Zürich

Swiss Bread Museum "Maison du Blé et du Pain" in Echallens

Restaurant “Alte Backstube” (Old Bakehouse) in Vienna, with adjacent baking museum

Dutch baking museum “Het Warme Land” in Hattem

International Windmill and Watermill Museum in Gifhorn

Internet magazine of the Lüneburg mill preservation society

German Museum (Deutsches Museum) in Munich, milling exhibition

Alsatian Bread Museum "La Maison du Pain d'Alsace" in Sélestat

Sugar Museum in Berlin

Lindt/Imhoff Chocolate Museum in Cologne

Museums on similar topics (packaging)

Opium Museum; virtual Orange-Paper Museum in the Internet

German Sack Museum in Nieheim

Flour projects

Breadculture – research, information and teaching projects on the subject of bread and culture

International Milling

Flour Fortification Initiative

The Micronutrient Initiative

Canadian Grain Commission

US Wheat Associates6000

Australian Wheat Board

International trade fair World Market for Baking, Düsseldorf

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AACC International



France Export Céréales

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