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Proverbs and sayings about flour

We all have a taste for flour – and not just as a food! Flour, bread, bakers and mills have found their way into popular sayings practically all over the world. An international comparison of proverbs and sayings about flour reveals amusing and surprising facts: on the one hand there are features typical of the particular region, and on the other we find the same sayings in countries separated by thousands of miles.


In der Mühle ist das Beste, dass die Säcke nicht reden können.


Le chiacchiere non fanno farina.


Be not a baker if your head be of butter.


Il est bon comme le pain.


Come pan y bebe agua y vivirás vida larga.

Czech Republic:

Cizí chléb vždy lépe chutná.


Был бы хлеб, а зубы сыщутся.


Jobb a száraz kenyér békében, mint a hús háborúban!


O  νηστικόs  καρβέλια  ονειρεύεται.

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