Illustration: Museum

Every Room an Experience

A tour of the museum

Illustration 1
Servant girl grinding corn, Egypt, around 2450 B.C. (replica)

Illustration 2
Coin from Metaponton, a Greek colony, around 350 B.C.

Illustration 3
“Kleiekotzer” mask, Saxony, probably 17th century (replica)

The Moulin Rouge in Paris, a powdered wig and a muscle-man on a flour sack – at first glance there would seem to be little connection between these exhibits. But if you stroll through the rooms of the FlourWorld Museum you will sooner or later smile, stop in surprise and discover what they have in common: namely flour. In a light and playful manner the exhibition shows unusual and little-known aspects of this vital basic food, which has nourished man for thousands of years. And with each exhibit you will learn something new, quite effortlessly. Of course the text panels with fascinating information for visitors are a great help too.

Have we stirred your curiosity? Then take a peep into each of the rooms!


The FlourWorld Museum Wittenburg is an initiative of Mühlenchemie.
A member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.